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Call anytime, year-round with any health plan issues.

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Medical & Pharmacy Plans

Major Medical Options

As a Dash Delivery employee, you have three options for medical health benefits.

You have options - You can choose a traditional health insurance plan, an in-person direct primary care membership with Sedera Cost Sharing or a virtual primary care paired with Sedera and a Valley Immediate Care Urgent Care membership.

Each option has unique features that set it apart from the other options. To learn more about which option could potentially work best with your situation, we'd recommend setting a time with the benefits help team HERE.

For pricing information, feel free to visit the benefits guide

Prescription Drug Program

Only the Regence BlueCross plan utilizes a traditional prescription drug program.

The other two options will share the cost of medication once the initial unshareable amounts are met.

Dental & Vision Plans

What dentist can I see?

Plan members are free to receive care from any dentist they choose. Their out-of-pocket expenses are generally lower when using network providers, who have agreed to provide dental care at discounted fees. Search for a network dentist HERE.

Full Dental Plan Info

Find complete details about the dental plan include costs, coverage, and the Guardian Oral Health Rewards program HERE.

Vision Plan Info

Find complete details about the vision plan include costs, coverage, and exclusions HERE.

Find a VSP Provider

Search the VSP provider network by visiting the VSP Website

Additional Benefits

Accident Insurance, Critical Illness Insurance & Hospital Indemnity Insurance

Accident Insurance

Even with a good health insurance plan, a trip to the doctor or hospital can be expensive. Many people find themselves paying more out of their own pocket each year. If you or someone in your family is hurt in an accident, the last thing you want to think about is how you are going to pay for medical care.

Accident expense insurance provides peace of mind and gives you additional cash to help pay your health insurance deductible and other expenses.

Key Features:

Unlimited lifetime maximum benefit with no age-related benefit reductions.

Benefits are paid based on the schedule of benefits provided for each covered accident.

Waiver of Premium: Premium is waived following a 60-day period of disability due to a covered accident for as long as the covered person remains disabled.

Portability is included.

Learn more by visiting the guide.

Critical Illness

More people are surviving life-threatening illnesses than ever before. Unfortunately, the cost of critical illness care is high and medical bills can follow survivors long after they’ve proven victorious in their fight.

Critical illness insurance provides peace of mind and gives you additional cash to help pay your health insurance deductible and other out-of-pocket expenses.

Critical Illness insurance pays a lump-sum benefit directly to you if you are diagnosed with a stroke, heart attack, or a number of other covered conditions.

Key Features

Unlimited lifetime maximum benefit.

No age-related benefit reductions.

Additional Occurrence: Additional occurrences of other specified diseases are paid at 100% of the payable lump-sum benefit with no waiting period between diagnosis.

Reoccurrence: A new diagnosis of the same specified disease for which a benefit has already been paid is paid at up to 100% of the payable lump-sum benefit.

There is a 6 month waiting period between diagnoses to be eligible for a reoccurrence payment.

Waiver of Premium: Premium is waived after 60 days of disability due to a critical illness and up to 24 months.

Portability is included.

3/12 pre-existing condition limitation.

Learn more by visiting the guide.

Hospital Indemnity

Hospital indemnity insurance can cover some of the cost associated with a hospital stay, letting you focus on recovery.

Being hospitalized for illness or injury can happen to anyone,

at any time. While medical insurance may cover hospital bills,

it may not cover all the costs associated with a hospital stay.

That’s where hospital indemnity coverage can help.

Who is it for?

Hospital indemnity insurance is for people who need help covering the costs associated with a hospital stay if they suddenly become sick or injured.

What does it cover?

If you are admitted to a hospital for a covered sickness or injury, you’ll receive payments that can be used to cover all sorts of costs, including:

• Deductibles and co-pays.

• Travel to and from the hospital for treatment.

• Childcare service assistance while recovering.

Why should I consider it?

Health coverage is becoming more expensive, with higher co-pays,

premiums, and deductibles. Hospital indemnity insurance can help pay for out-of-pocket costs associated with being hospitalized, giving you more of a financial safety net for unplanned expenses brought on by a hospital stay.

Plus, hospital indemnity insurance is portable and payments are made

directly to you – even if you didn’t incur any out-of-pocket expenses.

To learn more details, visit the guide.

Other Health Information

Coming Soon!

Information will include:

  • Medical Debt / Medical Bill - what to do?

  • FREE or reduced care at Hospitals

  • Emergency Room help

  • Get FREE medications

  • And more!

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