Call anytime, year-round with any benefits issues or questions.

Call anytime, year-round with any health plan issues.

Your Health Benefits.

Enrolling or Declining your Benefits

Enroll or Decline With Help

Your benefits support team will help you understand all the benefits plans

Enroll or Decline on Your Own

Be sure to check your email for directions on how to enroll.

Contact Us

Benefits Help Phone Number

Benefits Help E-mail

Dash Delivery Office EMAIL

You will receive a prompt response to any call, text or email between 9am-9pm EST.

About BenEngage

BenEngage is a benefits support service hired by Dash Delivery.  All Dash Delivery employees and family members will have access to this Benefits Concierge service throughout the year for any benefits-related question or concern.  You may always call the Dash Delivery HR team with questions, but most questions can be answered by BenEngage.

Enrollment support

Work with our team and the website to find the benefits plans that meet your needs.

Concierge help desk

You can text, email, or call your Benefits Concierge to discuss any health benefits issue.

Education all year

Employees receive information each month about how to get the care you need at a fair price.

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